5 Bad Habits to Break While Wearing Braces in 2020

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Everyone knows that popcorn and chewing gum should be avoided while wearing braces, but did you know that there are other common bad habits that people with braces should be mindful of to protect their teeth and orthodontic appliances? Keeping your braces and teeth in tip-top shape is the secret to achieving the beautiful smile you’re working toward as quickly as possible. If you’ll be sporting braces in 2020, check out these 5 bad habits to break to make this your mouth’s healthiest year ever.

Drinking Dark Beverages

For someone wearing braces, water is your best friend. If you do consume other beverages, particularly those that are dark in color (red wine, soda, coffee, etc.), it’s best to use a straw. While water helps wash away excess food particles, sugar, and bacteria from your mouth after meals, dark-colored drinks can stain your teeth around your brackets.

Using Your Teeth to Open Containers

Never use your teeth to open packages, bags, or containers. Doing so could harm your brackets and wires or even chip a tooth.

Chewing on Non-edible Items

Avoid biting your nails, snacking on ice, and gnawing on the ends of pencils while you’re bored at school or work. Your orthodontic appliances may appear strong, but they aren’t immune to the pressure that comes with biting down on something exceptionally hard like ice.

Eating Too Much Sugar

Consuming large amounts of sugary foods isn’t good for anyone’s oral health, but especially those wearing braces. Snacks and drinks that are high in sugar can easily get trapped behind your brackets and between your teeth, are difficult to clean, and put you at a greater risk of developing problems, such as cavities and gum disease.

Skipping Your Orthodontic Appointments

Keeping your regular orthodontic appointments are an essential part in staying on track with your treatment plan and getting out of braces as quickly as possible. Likewise, postponing your appointments can cause small problems to develop into big ones and extend your treatment plan unnecessarily.

Breaking these bad oral health habits may not be easy, but it will certainly be worth it when you get the beautiful smile you’ve always hoped for. Tasios Orthodontics is committed to helping the Vaughan community improve their smiles as quickly and comfortably as possible. To schedule your free consultation or to learn more about your options, contact us today. We can’t wait to see you smile in 2020!