Your Path To A Perfect Smile

The Canadian Association of Orthodontists recommends that all children should have an orthodontic examination at age 7. At this age, several important dental features can be evaluated such as dental alignment, bite issues, jaw growth, and speech deficiencies.

There are certain issues that we look for at this age that, if not corrected early, can lead to bigger problems later in development. Early intervention can reduce the need for invasive procedures such as the extraction of permanent teeth and jaw surgery.


Problems to watch for
in children age 7 to 9

  • Inadequate space for the erupting permanent teeth
  • Crossbite between the front and/or back teeth
  • Thumb sucking habit that impacts jaw development
  • Protrusive upper incisors that are prone to traumatic injury
  • Forward tongue posture that interferes with dental alignment
  • Mouth breathing and/or speech impediments
  • Early or late loss of baby teeth

If your child does not require early treatment, they will be placed in our recall program and benefit from regular complimentary visits throughout their dental development. We will monitor the eruption of their permanent teeth and let you know when the ideal time would be to begin orthodontic treatment.

Slide “It is rare to have your child look forward to going to their orthodontist appointments. Dr. Tasios has a great approach with kids. He makes them feel at ease, comfortable and trusting. His staff are very friendly and extremely accommodating at scheduling appointments at convenient times. We were really happy with the quality of care and highly recommend Tasios Orthodontics!” – Robert P Slide “Dr. Tasios is a real find in the crowded field of orthodontics. I began seeing him after he had treated my daughter for a year and a half. He radiates confidence, but is open to discussing your treatment and giving you options. He also does not try to upsell – something I really appreciate. He is very kind and knowledgeable and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking orthodontic treatment.” – Christine M Slide “Dr. Tasios has been treating my 15 year old daughter and our experience has been fantastic! My daughter had the Damon porcelain braces and she loved them because very few people actually noticed that she was wearing braces. Dr. Tasios’ utmost attention to detail has resulted in not only straight teeth, but a wide, perfectly curved smile. My daughter is a perfectionist and she was impressed with Dr Tasios’ precision and his philosophy of creating a beautiful smile that she will proudly show off all her life!” – Cathy P