Pain Caused by Braces

How to Reduce Pain Caused by Braces?

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Getting braces can be a big deal and having pain with them is an even bigger deal. No one should live with mouth pain caused by braces. Ways exist to relieve the pain naturally and you may need to use more than one to get the relief you need.

Braces are awkward and are, for all purposes, a foreign object in your mouth. They are going to be uncomfortable until you get used to them. You can use any of the methods cited below to help you through the adjustment process.

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Topical anesthetics

Topical anesthetics can be bought over the counter from any drugstore. They are usually in a liquid or gel form that you can apply over your teeth and gums with your finger or a cotton swab.

The anesthetic numbs the area so your gums and teeth don’t feel so much discomfort. You can use it as much as you need it as there are no side effects.

Topical anesthetics
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Pain Medication

A lot of pain medication brands can be bought over the counter. You don’t want to take too many of these because some, like ibuprofen, can cause stomach issues. However, taking a pill or two either before or after an orthodontic appointment can go a long way to relieving pain.

Just be sure to follow the instructions for use. Talk with your orthodontist if you find the pain isn’t going away after a couple of days rather than relying on the medication.

Use an Ice Pack

Ice can reduce swelling and numb the mouth, which reduces pain. Put the ice pack on the outside of your mouth. You may also want to use a washcloth or towel as a buffer between the ice pack and contact with the skin.

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Ice Water

Ice water can have the same effect as an ice pack and can get to areas an ice pack can’t touch. Sip on a cold iced glass of water to numb your mouth and offer relief.

Warm Salt Water

While we’ve been suggesting cold water and ice, a warm saltwater rinse can relieve the pain from braces too. That’s because gurgling and swishing help cuts and sores caused by the braces to heal.

Ice Water
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Use Orthopedic Wax

Orthopedists usually send patients home with a special wax for relief. The wax is meant to protect your lips, your gums, and the inside of your cheeks from the braces. It acts as a barrier between the brackets and your mouth, preventing irritation.

You put the wax over the bracket that gives you the most irritation. It’s safe to use in your mouth but you will need to remove it before you eat and brush your teeth. Put more on afterward.

Orthopedic Wax
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Gum Massages

Gums can use a massage for pain relief just like other parts of your body. Gently rub your gums in little circles with a finger. You can make it even better by rubbing your gums with ice before massaging them.
This shouldn’t be done often but can provide temporary relief for swollen gums.

Gums can use a massage for pain
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Further Ways to Reduce Pain

Don’t let the pain from your braces convince you to reduce the time you spend on oral hygiene. You should continue to brush your teeth twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and flossing daily.

You can make the job easier by using a water-flossing device. It does an excellent job compared to string flossing and may provide some gentle relief for swollen gums.

Those who are concerned about the pain that comes with getting braces should book an appointment to see us. We can explain what happens with braces and how you can reduce any pain during the early stages of orthodontic treatment. We would love to help you get straight teeth while remaining pain-free! Book an appointment today!