Smile-friendly Holiday Gifts Your Kids Will Love

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Good oral hygiene habits start early in life! Anything you can do to keep your children engaged in keeping their mouths healthy and strong is a positive start. To help your children stay excited about maintaining a beautiful smile, why not give them dental-friendly gifts that they will enjoy year-round? Check out these options that your kids and dentist are both sure to love.

Tooth-friendly snacks: Fill your kiddo’s stocking with treats that you can feel good about sharing with them. Look for snacks that are low in sugar or naturally sweet, such as caramels from Tom and Jenny or freeze-dried fruit chips.

Braces-survival kit: Help your child get accustomed to their new orthodontic routine with a braces-survival kit. Be sure to fill it with convenient surprises, such as a pop-up folding cup to rinse after meals, a compact mirror, orthodontic wax, and a miniature toothbrush.

Character toothbrush and toothpaste: Keep your child’s dental routine fun by gifting them with a new toothbrush and toothpaste. Choose a brush with their favourite character or colour and paste in a surprising flavour, such as cupcake, to maximize their excitement about keeping their smile healthy and beautiful.

Fun flossers: Flossers that have an easy-to-hold stick makes flossing tiny teeth much more convenient. Best of all, your child will be sure to love the shapes and flavours you pick out just for them.

Books about teeth: Help your child learn how to properly brush their teeth, the effects that sugar can have on them, and what to expect at their routine dental appointments with books that are as entertaining as they are informative.

Play-Doh Dr. Drill N Fill Playset: Kids love reenacting what they see grown-ups do in real life, and practicing good dental habits is no exception. They will love cleaning and working on the pretend teeth in this Play-Doh set.

Tooth timer: Introducing your child to a two-minute timer, such as the Twooth Timer, is an effective way to teach them the importance of cleaning their mouths effectively twice a day.

Mouth guard: Looking for a great gift for the young athlete in your family? A mouth guard is a practical gift to help keep their smile intact. Best of all, they’re customizable and can be created in your child’s team colours.

To keep your child’s smile healthy through the holidays and beyond, Tasios Orthodontics is here to help. Visit us at our convenient Vaughan location or contact us today to schedule an appointment. Our caring staff can’t wait to see you smile this holiday season!