Mind The Mouthguard.

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Is your child actively participating in sports?

When children play sports, we ensure they suit up with helmets, shin guards, knee pads… and more. But have you given enough thought to protecting their teeth and jaws? A mouthguard is as important as any piece of safety equipment in sports, especially to prevent dental injuries. Mouthguards are becoming more popular, as we see them on professional NHL and NBA players, like Sidney Crosby and LeBron James. However, some leagues do not regulate them as a requirement, when they really should! Ideally, mouthguards should be worn when an activity has any chance of contact. We recommend that parents be proactive and not wait for the rules to change. The Canadian Dental Association discusses the risk for harm as well, as their studies show that athletes are 60 times more likely to experience injury to their teeth if they forgo a mouthguard. To help encourage our patients; our team fabricates a complimentary mouthguard for children who play sports to protect their teeth during their treatment! Instilling good habits early will give you peace of mind, that your child’s smile is always safe and ready for action!

– Dr. Bruce Tasios